Bridges Aid Services LLC is a stable and growing agency founded by Emilia Wesby in 2017. It specifically helps people of all adult ages including the elderly with physical and developmental disabilities reach their full potential by providing continuous support.

BAS provides At-Home Support Services as well as Advance Living Care Services for adults residing within Saint Paul and Minneapolis.Our trained, competent, compassionate, and dedicated staff work tirelessly and with enthusiasm as they continually collaborate with the individuals and their team members. We maximize continual active support based on each need. Our foundation of the services we provide is built on sincerity and integrity. We work together with the individuals and their families to elevate the well-being, motivating each as they live meaningful lives. We joyfully provide several solutions both in-home and essential living support services.

In-Home Support Services includethe following:

  • Supported Living for Adults Services are services provided to a person who requires daily staff support for challenging behaviors, medical needs, physical needs, and/or life skills.
  • In-Home Respite Careare services provided in the person’s home or place of residence. A person is eligible to receive respite if the primary caregiver is absent or needs relief from his/her caregiver duties.
  • In-Home Family Support Servicesare services provided to an individual as well as his/her family (including extended family members) in the family’s home and/or in the community to enable the person to remain in or return to the home. This includes training the person and family members to increase their capabilities to care for and maintain the person in the home.
  • Independent Living Skills Trainingare services provided to a person who needs to develop, maintain and improve his/her community skills. This includes the person’s communication skills, community living and mobility, interpersonal skills, reduction/elimination of maladaptive behavior, self-care, sensory/motor development involved in acquiring functional skills.
  • Semi-Independent Living Skillsare services provided to an adult with a developmental disability or related condition(s) to live successfully in the community.

Basic Support Services include the following:

  • Adult Companion Servicesarenon-medical care, supervision, and socialization provided to a person age 18 or older. It covers services that help a person work toward a therapeutic or community integration goal in his/her support plan. This includes accompanying the person in watching movies, attending community events, assisting the person in doing activities of daily living, and others.
  • Home Maker Services are services that help a person manage general cleaning and household activities. This service includes cleaning, home management, and assistance with activities of daily living.
  • Individual Community Living Support (ICLS) is a bundled service that includes six service categories. These services offer assistance and support for people who need reminders, cues, intermittent/moderate supervision, or physical assistance to remain in their own homes. It also covers assistance and support for eligible people 65 years and older who use the Elderly Waiver (EW) or the Alternative Care (AC) Program. This includes active cognitive support, adaptive support service, activities of daily living (ADLs), household management, health, safety and wellness, and community engagement.
  • Individualized Home Supports are services that provide and/or training in community living service categories for people who live in their own home or their family’s home. There are several options for this kind of training:
  1. Without Training – is provided to adults or children when they need support, assistance and supervision in at least one of the community living service categories.
  2. With Training –is provided to adults when they need support and training in at least one of the community living service categories.
  3. With Family Training –is designed to provide training to the person and their family members to increase their capabilities to care for and maintain the person’s ability to live in the home.
  • Personal Support Servicesis provided in the person’s home or place of residency which aims to achieve his/her full potentials, increase his/her independence and allow her to meet community inclusion goals.
  • Out-Home Respite Careis provided outside of the person’s home or place of residence.
  • Specialist Servicesare services designed to promote staff and caregiver competency to meet a person’s needs in eligible areas.
  • Night Supervisionsare overnight assistance and monitoring provided by an awake staff in the person’s own home. This includes carrying out a person’s positive support programming and transition plans, reinforcing independent living skills training and other skill development supports, assisting with instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). Overnight assistance last for no more than 12 hours in 24 hours.

BAS hire employees with the following traits and background: caring, compassionate and service-oriented. Applicants must possess a valid driver’s license, and must be willing to serve on flexible time hours. We give preference to applicants with CPR & First Aid Certification but this is not a requirement.

BAS provides a series of trainings and workshops. After which, employees must be able to do the following:

  • Monitors Individuals condition by observing physical and mental state, intake and output, and exercise.
  • Supports Individuals served by providing housekeeping and laundry services; shopping for food and other household requirements; preparing and serving meals and snacks; running errands.
  • Assist Individuals by providing personal services, such as Assist with Daily Living (ADL) such as cooking, cleaning, dressing, grooming, etc.
  • Help Individuals care for themselves by teaching the use of cane or walker, special utensils to eat, special techniques and equipment for personal hygiene.
  • Help family members care for the Individual by teaching appropriate ways to lift, turn, and re-position the person served; advising on nutrition, cleanliness, and housekeeping.
  • Records Individual information & daily activities by making entries in our Care Journal; notifying nursing supervisor of changing or unusual conditions.
  • Maintains a safe, secure, and healthy environment by following asepsis standards and procedures; maintaining security precautions; following prescribed dietary requirements and nutrition standards;
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities.
  • Protects the company home care agency by adhering to professional standards, policies, and procedures, federal, state, and local requirements.
  • Enhances service reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

BAS does not only offer jobs but a career path. If you wish to grow in the healthcare service industry, we offer you the following benefits:

  • Complete training kit to start your career path
  • Paid training and certificate: CPR & First Aid
  • Paid training and meetings
  • Paid mileage
  • Paid case activity reimbursements
  • Internal company perks

Here are the following information on how to contact BAS:

Business Address:           2355 HIGHWAY 36 WEST, SUITE 400, ROSEVILLE MN 55113

Contact Number:             (651) 330-7659

Email Address:        

Office Hours:                     Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm