We believe that serving others is the highest calling. For that very reason, Emilia Wesby founded Bridges Aid Services, LLC., in 2017 specifically helping people of all adult ages including the elderly with physical and developmental disabilities.

We provide the highest standard of service to the individuals we support. Our trained, competent, compassionate and dedicated staff work tirelessly and with enthusiasm as they continually collaborate with the individuals and their team members. We maximize continual active support based on each need. Our foundation of the services we provide is built on sincerity and integrity. We work together with the Individuals and their families to elevate the well-being, motivating each as they live meaningful lives. We joyfully provide several solutions both in-home and essential living support services.

Founder of

Emilia Wesby is the Founder/ CEO of Bridges Aid Services, LLC. who provides services for people who receive services through Home and Community Base waiver or the AC program or for other interested people.

Dedicated Serving Individuals With Compassion, Careful-Conduct, and always Captivating!

Our Mission

We aim to provide, create and develop a fulfilling lifestyle with the people we serve. Our goal is to help individuals reach their full potential by providing continuous support.

What Makes Us Different?

We are committed to continually bridge ways to better the lives of each person served. Working at a person-centered approach employing compassion, careful-conduct, and always captivating.